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Message Parsing Interface (MPI)

How do I set up my MPI Environment?

Execute the following commands:

  1. # cd $HOME
  2. # cp /usr/local/cshrc/.cshrc .
  3. # source .cshrc

Alternatively, you can enter the following lines in your csh login script

setenv MPICH "/user/local/mpich"
setenv PATH "$MPICH/vin:$PATH

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How do I execute MPI on multiple computers?

Use an editor to update or create the file, .rhosts, in your $HOME directory. This example uses vi.

Enter the command:

# vi .rhosts

In this file, enter the following lines

station10 {username}
station11 {username}
station12 {username}
station20 {username}

The machine names in this list are the machines you want to send work to.

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How do I test my connection?

To test your connection, execute the command:
# rsh
Where X is the station number (1-20). You should be able to connect to that station. If you can't, then check your .rhosts file to make sure that station and your username is in the file.

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