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Configuring X-Ming for Remote Shells

If you need to download and install Xming please click here

  1. Go to StartProgramsRemote SoftwareUnix and Linux XServersXming.
  2. Run Xming. (This is the Xserver required to allow the redirection.) Once it is running, it will appear on the lower right hand side of task menu.


  3. (This part is optional. You can skip to Step 4.) Create an SSH Key to automatically login to a Linux Machine.
    1. Open a command prompt.
    2. Go to the installation of Putty: C:\Program Files\Portable Putty
    3. Run puttygen.exe.


    4. Select SSH-2 RSA.
    5. Click Generate.
    6. Save the private key under your home folder. (Create a folder)
      1. Go to your Windows Home drive: H:
      2. Make a new folder. mkdir h:\ssh-putty for example
    7. Save the public key with the extension pub.
    8. Save the private key with the extension ppk.


    9. Since we use Openssh on Linux, copy and paste the key generated in the upper corner of the window by selecting all the contens and pressing Ctrl+c.
    10. Open an ssh connection to any Linux machine and make sure you enable X11.
    11. Once logged in and at your home directory, open authorized_keys for editing.
      1. Moon # gvim .ssh/authorized_keys
      2. Paste the key into the file. It should only be a single line.
      3. Save and exit the file.
  4. Configure Putty to connect to the Linux Client
    1. Run Putty.exe
    2. Fill the hostname with the fully qualified hostname or IP Address.


    3. On the Connection subcategory, expand it and select Data. Here, you can type your login on the remote machine.


    4. Enable X11 forwarding by expanding the SSH subcategory under the X11 option to enable X11.


    5. Select your private ssh keygen for your session by expanding the SSH subcategory. Browse to the H:\ssh-putty\ and select your private key.


    6. Go back to the Session subcategory at the top and enter a session name. Save your session.

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