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The MSDNAA Program is now active for Fall 2015. Sign up by clicking the Microsoft Software Alliance button on the left.

What is my Password?

Your password is based on your name and UTEP ID information. It follows the following format:

First Letter of your First name, First Letter of your Last Name, Last Four Digits of your 800 number, (+) Symbol, Last 2 digits of the year you requested the account

Example Login and Password

Real Name: John Doe
Student ID: 800-12-3456
Miners Login: jdoe
Year Requested: 2015
Password: jd3456+15

Change your password ASAP
It *MUST* meet the same complexity as your assigned password.

Password Requirements

  • Minimum size is six characters
  • Must have a mixture of lower and uppercase letters
  • Must contain a number
  • Must contain at least one special symbol (!@#$%&*)

Changing Your Password on Windows

Upon your first login, you change your password automatically.

  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del and select Change Password.
  2. Type in your current password.
  3. Type in your new password twice.

Changing Your Password on Linux

  1. If you are physically in front of a Linux Machine, log in and skip to step 5. Otherwise, log into a Windows machine and go to Start→All Programs→Remote Software→Secure Shell Client.
  2. Click on Quick Connect.
  3. Hostname:
    Username: Enter your username
  4. Click on Connect.
  5. Upon logon, open a command terminal and enter the command:
    # yppasswd
  6. You will be prompted for your current password.
  7. Enter your new password twice.

If you have a SAMBA account (viewing your linux files on Windows), follow these steps:

  1. Open a command terminal and enter the command:
    # smbpasswd -r venus -U {your login name}
    # smbpasswd -r venus
  2. Enter your current password.
  3. Enter your new password twice. (It is recommended you use the same password as your Linux account.

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