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Upgrading the Antivirus Software to Avast EndPointPlus

Avira Antivirus will no longer be updated on UTEP-Owned computers starting September 1, 2013. UTEP will be using Avast EndPointPlus. It is very important that all UTEP-Owned computers be updated with the new antivirus software prior to this date.

To upgrade from Avira Antivirus to Avast EndPointPlus, you will need to perform these three steps outlined below:

  1. Download Avast EndPointPlus
  2. Uninstall Avira Antivirus
  3. Install Avast EndPointPlus

Download Avast EndPointPlus

  1. Use the SSH Secure File Transfer Client to connect To
  2. Navigate to LicenseSoftware\Avast
  3. Download PC_Client.exe


Your current antivirus may report that PC_Client is a virus. If your antivirus software removes PC_Client.exe, then uninstall your antivirus first, and repeat the above steps. We warned, however, that if you uninstall your antivirus software, you will have no antivirus protection until you complete the installation for Avast!

Uninstall Avira Antivirus

If you have a different antivirus software installed on your computer, you must uninstall that software before installing Avast EndPointPlus.

  1. Access the interface to Add/Remove Software.

    Windows 7:
    Go to Start → Control Panel → Programs → Uninstall a Program

    W7 uninstall program

    Windows XP:
    Go to Start → Control Panel → Add or Remove Programs

  2. Search for and uninstall Avira Security Management Center Agent.
  3. Select the defaults and complete the uninstall.
  4. Search for and uninstall Avira AntiVir Professional.
  5. Select the defaults and complete the uninstall.
  6. Reboot your computer to finalize the uninstallation process.

Install Avast EndPointPlus

  1. Navigate to the folder where you downloaded PC_Client.exe.
  2. Run PC_Client.exe

    Windows 7:

    Right Click PC_Client.exe and select Run as Administrator

    PC_Client.exe running as administrator

    When prompted to run the program, select Yes

    PC_Client.exe approval as administrator

    Windows XP

    Double-click PC_Client.exe

  3. The following splash screen should appear after a few seconds.
  4. Avast installing

  5. The installation will take approximately 5-15 minutes. Look out for the Avast desktop icon.
  6. Avast Desktop icon

  7. The Avast installation is complete when the icon appears on the taskbar. If you have speakers turned on, you will hear "Welcome to Avast".
  8. Avast taskbar

  9. Verify that Avast has updated its definitions. Double-click either Avast icon to see the following screen.
  10. Avast Status

  11. Right-click the Avast icon on the lower right hand corner of your screen and select Subscription information. Verify that Avast has registered with the Computer Science Server to obtain a UTEP license. This process may take up to 10 minutes.
  12. Avast license

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